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Pro Wrap - Insulation for Vertical Propane tanks

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Pro Wrap - Insulation for Vertical Propane tanks

What it is made up from:

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Description and applications: 

The Pro-Wrap has been designed to insulate propane tanks of various sizes from 20lbs., to 420 lbs.  tanks  It is designed to prevent heat-loss and to facilitate vaporization in extremely cold conditions.    It is an easy one-person installation. 

Stock sizes are for 20lbs, 100lbs, 200lbs.# and 420 lbs. vertical propane tanks.  We have made larger custom products. 

Installation instructions:

There is an easy two-step process:

  • For the larger tanks, wrap the insulation around the tank.  For the smaller tanks, put the insulation hood over the tank, accommodating the gap in the hood to the valving and hoses.   
  • Do up all the corresponding straps and tighten them as needed, until you have a good fit.

Part number  Chart

20 lbs tank - Part# PSV1802 or CTPSV1802
100 lbs tank - Part# SCB6010 or CTSCB6010
200 lbs tank - Part# PW202 or CTPW202
420 lbs tank - Part# PW422 or CTPW422