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For over 3 decades, Insulation Snakes has been a crucial part in the supply of pipe insulation products that can be used by manufacturers, commercial buildings, and homes. Where insulation is required, or where there is a need for Removable, Reusable, and Weatherproof insulation, think Insulation Snakes.

Our in-house Experts are aware of the broad need for insulationand offer Commercial Insulation products that cover aspects like large structures, tanks, compressor units, and more. 

The Importance Of Pipe Insulation

To keep your oilfield site up and running even during extreme temperatures, quality Oilfield Insulation is crucial. Wrapping the pipe with the right insulation product will lower expenses associated with a constant need to replace or repair the system. Our insulation allows for quick and easy access to what is under the insulation. Insulation also protects fluids and other materials transported within these pipes and benefit the bottom line of the business. Please note – Pipe wrapping is as important as replacing or repairing the damaged pipe.


OilfieldYour Partner For Oilfield Insulation Products

Insulation in the oil and gas industry is critical. Not insulating oilfield infrastructure at the right time is likely to have a cascading effect on the entire process. Additionally, to avoid any kind of energy loss, stress on other equipment, and to maintain a safe working environment, oilfield insulation products are a must.

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CommercialYour Partner For Commercial Insulation Products

Over the past three decades Insulation Snakes has been in the leading role for pipeline insulation services and products for oilfields in the United States of America and Canada. Driven by innovation, our commercial insulation products are a great fit for oil and gas transmission processes. They are designed to be compatible and complimentary with Electric heat tracing, or as a stand-alone insulation product for commercial applications.

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RV & Residential

RV & ResidentialLooking For RV And Residential Insulation!

Extreme weather conditions can bring major trouble to homeowners if their water supply pipes and sewer lines are not insulated properly. It is equally important to use RV insulation on pipes for better maintenance and functioning of the recreational vehicle.

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CustomNeed Custom Insulation Products Developed?

Hot or cold, commercial, Industrial or residential, insulation is important. As leaders and innovators when it comes to insulation products and solutions, we lead the industry with the latest technology. Our experience from multiple projects helps us understand that every business is different. This means that often custom insulation products need to be developed. 

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We Offer Removable Reusable Weatherproof Pipeline Insulation Products

  • High quality and cost effective products
  • Our products are made for oilfield and commercial purposes
  • We provide custom insulation products
  • We have over 400 distributors in Canada and USA

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We have over 400 distributors in Canada and Usa

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Wrap It or Strap It

There are two main ways to attach our product: By wrapping or by strapping. You can wrap the Insulation Snake around and around something like a pipe, vessel, tank, valve and so on, or you can strap it on with the attached strapping, something like a hot dog bun around a hot dog, except the bun has straps.

About Insulation Snakes

Insulation Snakes Ltd. is a division of Gazelle's Group of Companies Inc. , established in 1985. Read more.

Insulation Products

We sell wholesale insulation products to distributors who retail them in the three main industries. Download catalogue.


If you would like to represent our product, please Contact the Insulation Snakes Order Desk.

Insulation Distributors

We have over 400 distributors who retail our products in Canada and the USA. Find a distributor.

Ratings & Standards

One company is claiming that by using the Insulation Snake system, they have cut cost by over 50-60%. Read more.


Technical information such as codes, sizing, composition and many other details are available in our Catalogue.

Why Count on Insulation Snakes

At Insulation snakes we thoroughly understand the importance of insulation in the oilfield industry and offer Economic Insulation products that are quality driven, durable and result oriented.

Our team is dedicated to customer needs and ensures that every requirement is met at the professional level. We also maintain strong relationships with our suppliers in order to offer the best and most competitive prices to end clients.

Another aspect that proves you're making the right choice with our pipe insulation is our customer testimonials. Businesses have been able to cut around 50-60 percent insulation costs with our products. To learn more about us and our insulation products, feel free to get in touch with our experts. We would be happy to answer all your questions.