Insulation Snakes® manufactures an extensive line of removeable, reusable and weatherproof insulation products

Our products are used in the oilfield industry, industrial, agricultural and residential sectors. All of our insulation products are compatible with electrical heat trace. Insulation Snakes® products are manufactured using Certifiable R-11 USA/R-12 Canada insulation, which uses 3-1/2 Fiberglass Batting Insulation. Our new Product has a certifiable R-13 USA/ R-14 Canada rating which uses 4″ Fiberglass Batting insulation.

Our products comply with the following standards:

Building Code Standards

  • CAN/ULC S702-1997 (Building Codes)
  • CSA A101-M1993 and CAN/CGSB-51.11-92

Fire Resistance Codes:

  • CAN/ULC-S102-1998 (Smoke and Flames Codes)
  • CAN4-114-1980 (Non-Combustibility Code)
  • ULC-S129-1995 (Smolder Resistance)

Compressibility Standards:

NAIMA 202-96 Standard Rev.2000


The fiberglass manufacturers produce a more robust, dense product to withstand compression and allow the material to recover to its designed R-value. In other words, our product is designed to be compressed twice – once by the manufacturer and then once by our assembly department.

Thickness recovery of fiberglass insulation deteriorates over time while it is compressed in a roll. The tighter fiberglass is rolled, the more glass fibers are broken and the more thickness recovery is reduced. We are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the fiberglass fibers. Insulation Snakes® strives to reduce this type of damage by rolling our products just tight enough to be packaged and shipped.

Insulation Snakes® uses a virgin blend (NOT RECYCLED) 5mil polyethylene for “the original” snakes and 6mil polyethylene for the “cobra tan” snakes, giving it excellent puncture and tear resistance. (There are two exceptions where we use 3mil polyethylene). We do not use thicker polyethylene so as to not damage the integrity of the fiberglass fibers.

We have insisted that our vendor add extra UV protection to the polyethylene during the manufacturing process which increases the life of our products, allowing Insulation Snakes® to be exposed to the weather for extended periods of time.

The polyethylene sheathing will soften when temperatures exceed 202°F (96°C). Our insulation products remain flexible and functional at very cold temperatures.

Insulation Snakes® ships products in blue polyethylene bags which also have extra UV protection added during the manufacturing process, allowing for temporary outside storage. All of these bags have our brand name clearly marked, so as to avoid confusion with any imitators.

Insulation Snakes® stands behind all of our products. All products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.