Removable, Reusable and Weatherproof insulation products


Insulation Snakes


Insulation Snakes manufactures an extensive line of removable and reusable weatherproof insulation products. Manufacturing takes place in Breton Alberta, and in Billings Montana. Products are sold through distributors in both Canada and the United States.

First invented by Brian and staff over 30 years ago, Isulation SnakesR products have been well received in both the oilfield industry and a variety of other industries including agricultural, commercial, and residential.

Insulation SnakesĀ® manufactures high quality insulation products that work well and are cost effective. Our products are used everywhere from the Canadian Arctic to the gulf coast of the United States.

Our insulation products are manufactured using 3-1/2″ thick insulation (R-11 USA / R12 Canada) and 4″ thick insulation (R-13 USA / R-14 Canada).

The 5mm polyethylene exterior of Insulation SnakesR products is manufactured using a virgin blend of polyethylene. giving it excellent puncture and tear resistance. Extra UV protection is added during the manufacturing process to increase the life of our products.

The blue polyethylene bags that we ship our products in has extra UV protection added during the manufacturing process, allowing for temporary outside storage.

The Insulation SnakesR product line includes: long and wide products; with or without straps, specialized products for applications such as wellheads, plunger lifts, control valves, tanks, etc. We also make custom fit products.