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Description and applications: The Original Insulation Snake® does not have straps pre-attached, but we recommend Snake Straps to be used so that the Insulation Snake® can be removed and reused. The Original Snake is spiral wrapped around the pipe, down the length of the pipe, or around the valve or vessel that you are insulating. You can also use this product by folding it around the pipe and down the length of the pipe. It comes in different widths to accommodate the different pipe, valve, fitting or vessel size.

Typical applications: 

Spiral wrapped over pipe, flanges and valves, either separately, or all together

  • Use our Snake Straps for ease of installation (Use of tape, wire or zip ties may result in reduced R-Value damage during removal)
  • Works well with heat tracing and can withstand temperatures up to 202˚F or 96C˚
  • Standard widths are:6”,12”,18”,24”,36”,48”,60”,72”,84” and 96”
  • Standards lengths are: 5’,10’, and 20’
  • 6” width only available in 5’ and 10’ lengths
  • You can purchase any combination of widths and lengths
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Part number assistance: 

The first two numbers indicate the width of the insulation in inches, the last two digits are the length of the insulation in feet. A part number E.g., 1220 (is 12 inches wide and 20 feet long)

Usage Chart

How much pipe can an Insulation Snake® spiral wrap?
(Note: coverage estimates are approximate)
(Part # 1210) 12” wide x10’ long covers 6’ of 2” pipe, 5’of 3” pipe, and 4’ of 4” pipe.
(Part# 1220) 12” wide by 20’ long covers 12’ of 2” pipe, 10’ of 3” pipe, and 8 of 4 pipe.
(Part# 1810) 18” wide and 10’ long covers 8’ of 3” pipe, 7’of 4” pipe, & 5’of 6” pipe.
(Part # 1820) 18” wide and 20 long covers 16’ of 3” pipe, 14’ of 4” pipe, and 10’ of 6” pipe.
((Part# 2410) 24” wide and 12’ long covers 10’ of 4” pipe, and 8’ of 6” pipe.
(Part # 2420) 24” wide and 20’ long covers 13’ of 4” pipe 12’ of 6” pipe.