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What it is made up from:

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Description and applications 

The Wellhead wrap is a one-piece insulated Removable, Re-Usable and Weatherproof blanket complete with straps, making it easy for a one person installation and Removal.  It eliminates the need to wrap and un-wrap Insulation Snakes from a well-head for service.  This like a big tent that wraps around the well head, and around the riser.  There are straps across the top, where the sales line is, and there is one series of straps which go down the height of the wrap, thus allowing for quick and easy installation and removal.  This is very handy when the oil well is scheduled to be serviced by a well service company, or in the summer time, when insulation is no longer required. 

Sizes range from 3 feet to 8 feet in height, and 4’ to 32 feet in wellhead circumference. 

The wrap must rest on the ground once installed.  The wellwrap requires no on site modifications, because it includes all the required straps and buckles to close all openings securely to minimize any heat loss.

There is a 4’ adjustment on Wellwraps.  A Wellwrap is able to adjust 4 feet to a smaller wellhead, but only 2 feet on a 8 foot long Wellwrap. 

How to get the correct size:  Measure the distance from the top of the sales line to the ground, in order to get the required height.  Measure the distance from the Riser to the outside edges of the wellhead, and multiply by two, in order to get the required  full length.

Your part number  starts with “WW”, then the height, and the overall length. Example, a well head that is 6 feet from the top of the sales line to the ground, and it measures 12’ from the well head to the Riser, the required part would be 6’ by 24’.  Therefore, the part number would be WW624.