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VIC/LOK Coupling Cover

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VIC/LOK Coupling Cover

Description and Applications:  

These covers are designed specifically to go around the couplings  used on piping.  These  Groove fittings such are sometimes known as Victaulic™, Gruvlok™ and others.

The application is a quick and easy installation wrap.  It allows quick and easy covers for the Coupling .    These straps allow a quick and easy way to cover the Coupling  or to remove the cover as circumstances require    Once you know the outside diameter of the pipe, , then match that up with our graph below to determine what size you need.

  • Combine this product with our SideWinder product, and you have a complete  and easy way to insulate your fittings , and your pipe. 
  • Can be used independently or in conjunction with other products Custom sizes are available upon request. 

Fitting chart

Couplings model VIC 07/70/77
Couplings model GRUV 7000.7001,and 7400

Size of Coupling Part Number
1”     Coupling CC1
2 “    Coupling CC2
3”     Coupling CC3
4””   Coupling CC4
6”     Coupling CC6
8”     Coupling CC8
10”   Coupling CC10
12”   Coupling CC12
14”   Coupling CC14
16”   Coupling CC16
18”   Coupling CC18
20”  Coupling CC20
24”  Coupling CC24
Larger Couplings -
Covers available upon request.