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What it is made up from:

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Description and applications:

The Pro-Snake ® snake has two straps pre-attached, - one on each end of the product,   to facilitate the installation.  It is the same construction as the “Original” Insulation Snake, with the added benefit of having a starter and end strap conveniently attached to each end of the snake   This is an  economical product in our product line.  The product is designed to be spiral wrapped around the pipe  down the length of the pipe or around the valve or vessel that you are insulating.  It comes in different widths, so as to accommodate the different pipe sizes , valve sizes or vessel sizes.

Typical applications: 

  • Spiral wound over pipe , flanges, valves, either separately, or all together. 
  • Recommend the use of Straps , so that it will be Removable, and Re-Usable.  Use our straps for ease of installation and removal if required. 
  • Compliments heat tracing.  Temperature is good to 202˚F/ or 96C˚. 
  • Insulate all kinds of pipe, tubes, Vessels, Valves, and hose. 
  • Tremendous cost savings.
  • Standard widths are:  6”,12”,18”,24”,36”,48”,60”,72”,84” and 96”. 
  • Standards lengths are: 6’,12’,20’ and 40’ . 
  • You can purchase any combination of widths and lengths, or we can do a custom size. 
  • Different lengths of straps available , depending on the width of the product and the dimensions of what you are insulating.  

How much Pipe can an Insulation Snake spiral wrap? 

SEE Chart 

Part Number assistance.  You will notice that there are four (4) digits to each part number The first two numbers indicate the width of the insulation expressed in inches, while the last digits are the length of the insulation expressed in feet.  Thus a part number like PS1220-4, (our most common ProSnake product) is 12 inches wide, and 20 feet long.  Since it has the  preface PS before the numbers,, we understand that it is the ProSnake is  12” wide and 20’ long.   Since it has a dash -4 behind the number, this tell us that it  includes a 4 foot strap.  If we wanted it to be in the Cobra tan, then we would add the preface, “CT”, and thus we would have CTPS1220-4  

Usage Chart

(Prt # PS1212-4) 12” wide x12’ long covers 6’6” pipe, 5’6”of 3” pipe, and 5’ of 4” pipe.
(Prt# PS1220-4) 12” wide by 20’ long covers 12’ of 2” pipe, 10’6” of 3” pipe, and 8’6” of 4 pipe.
(Prt# PS1812-4) 18” wide and 12’ long covers 8’ of 3” pipe, 7’of 4” pipe, & 6’of 5” pipe.
(Prt # PS1820-4) 18” wide and 20 long covers 12’ of 3” pipe, 10’ of 4” pipe, and 8’ of 5” pipe.
(Prt# PS2412-5) 24” wide and 12’ long covers 10’ of 4” pipe, and 8’ of 5” pipe.
(Prt # PS2420-5) 24” wide and 20’ long covers 13” of 4” pipe 9’ of 5” pipe.