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Snake Straps

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Snake Straps


We have two kinds of straps, and two different colors of straps.  Both kinds are one inch straps with buckles.   The two kinds of straps are distinguished by the type of buckles.  The most popular buckle utilizes a zinc coated, quick release, thumb grip, spring loaded steel buckle which allows for quick and easy removal and installation even in cold or wet and dirty conditions. 

The second type of strap utilizes a  double “D” Ring rather than a buckle, similar to what is used on many helmets.   This is a more economical alternative  which is called the Econo Snake strap.  This is for a client who desires a less expensive alternative to our high quality Snake Straps. 

We have two colors of straps:  A black strap and a blue strap.  The blue strap has a higher quality, including a little higher UV resistance than the black, however, both straps have UV additives in the manufacturing of the straps, so as to decrease the deterioration of the straps in the sun. 

These products start at a length of 2 feet, and go up to 10 feet , but we can make any length according to the clients requirements. 


We highly recommend our straps to fasten any of the products we have.  If tape is used, then the products ceases to be Re-Movable, or Re-Usable.  We recommend straps in order for the Insulation products to be Re-Movable and Re-Usable. 

The Straps replace the use of tape, wire, string and tie-straps

Popular for oilfield, recreational, light industry or agricultural use as a light duty tie-down or tarp strap replacement. 

Standard stock sizes are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 foot lengths.

Enhances appearance, looks professional. 

The blue strap part number starts with the part number SSB

The Black strap part number starts with the part number ESB The Econo strap part number starts with the part number ESSD