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Snake Strap Carry all

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Snake Strap Carry all


These Straps are 1” (one inch)   wide straps complete  with buckles.   They utilize our very popular has  a zinc coated, quick release, thumb grip, spring loaded steel buckle which allows for quick and easy removal and installation even in cold or wet and dirty conditions.  It also has a built-strap carrying hand hold. 

These products start at a length of 2 feet, and go up to 10 feet , but we can make any length according to the clients requirements.  


  • Available as a specialized carrying strap.
  • Ideal for carrying and holding together awkward items such as Lay-flat hose, Rag hose, Suction hose, Small bundles of lumber, firewood, Fire hose,  and other such items.
  • Very convenient to use
  • Available in sizes from 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 foot lengths.
  • Custom lengths available upon request.  Can be ordered by bag only, and not individually.