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Plunger Lift Lubricator Cover

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Plunger Lift Lubricator Cover

What it is made up from:

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Description and Application:  The Plunger lift cover is a very popular solution to insulate plunger lifts.  There are a number of different service companies who use our Insulated cover because of its utility.  It slides down over the plunger lift to its base, while at the same time allowing for access to the sales line, which comes from the wellhead itself.  The Plunger Lift Lubricator Cover has been especially designed for different type and sizes of Plunger Lifts.  Our cover comes complete with the required straps pre-attached.  It is compatible with most heat tracing applications.  It is designed to be Re-Movable, Re-Usable, Weatherproof and it is certainly Economical and Easy to use. 

The specialized hood comes in three sizes, and is available in either the tan or black.  If you want it in Tan, then the preface, “CT” needs to be added to the front of the part number. 

18” wide by 4’ overall length PLLC1804
18” wide by 5’ overall length PLLC1805
24” wide by 4’ overall length PLLC2404