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Pig in a Blanket

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Pig in a Blanket

What it is made up from:

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Description and Applications. 

The Pig in a Blanket is our insulation solution to Pig Senders and Pig  Receivers.  It is very easy to attach and detach, as required.  It allows quick and easy access to the Pig Nut, so as to send or receive a pig. This access is done by simply undoing a strap, and picking up the side, as picture #2 shows.  When no access is required for the Pig Nut, simply put the insulation back down, and strap into place.  The Insulation blanket  is open on two connected sides, and sealed on the other two sides, so that it fits very easily to the typical valve arrangement on senders and receivers.  It has the required strapping already attached.  It is easy to install and remove. 

Stock sizes are available from 4 ft to 12 ft in circumference, and 1 ft to 7 ft in height.  Custom sizes available upon request. 


  • Designed for the Pig Senders and the Pig Receivers.
  • Can be used for Gate valves, tanks, barrels and other upright items.  

Part Number assistance.  You will notice that there are four (4) digits to each part number

The first two numbers indicate the width of the insulation expressed in inches, while the last digits are the length of the insulation expressed in feet.  Thus a part number like PIG2403, (a common Pig in a blanket  is 24 inches wide, and 3 feet long.  Since it has the  preface PIG before the numbers,, we understand that it is the Pig in a Blanket, that is 24” wide and 3’ long .   If we wanted it to be in the Cobra tan, then we would add the preface, “CT”, and thus we would have CTPIG2403