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What it is

  • It can be  used as a hand-hole to access valves, gauges, thread-o-lets and weld-o-lets that would be otherwise covered up with the Insulation, or it can be used as view hole to observe thermometers, gauges and so on within the Insulation Snake Products. 
  • It is a plastic two-piece flange that has 4 screws to secure to each other. 
  • This two piece insert allows easy access to what is under neath the insulation, such as a pressure safety relief valve on a propane  tank. 
  • Hand-Hole / View access is 3.5” in (8.9cm) in diameter
  • It is designed to protect the Insulation Snake product from the elements.  It is a better solution than trying to use tape around a hole.  

  • Easily installed on-site
  • Instructions and all hardware  provided.
  • Looks and behaves professionally. 
  • There is only one size of product offered.

Your part number  is IGROM01.
This product is supplied as part of the kit for the Pro-Wrap.