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Econo- Under-Ground Wrap.

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Econo- Under-Ground Wrap.

What it is:
A quality Insulation Snake® for underground installation.

  • Our Econo Underground Insulation (Part EUG1220) is a low cost option for our customers that are searching for an economical option for insulating line that will be installed underground.
  • The product is different from our other products, in that the interior insulation is made from layers of trapped air in bubble form, which is encased in 3 ml. thick    UV treated Polyethylene.
  • It is designed to withstand weather and humidity.
  • It is designed to be spiral wrapped around the pipe that is being wrapped.
  • We have not done tests to determine the R-Rating.
  • It is used extensively by some pipe line service companies replacing expensive and hard-to-install hard insulation. 
  • Available in one size only - 12" wide by 20' long.
    • Available with  a pair of  4’ straps (Like our Pro-Snake) This part number is PSEUG1220
    • Available with no pre-attached straps.  

Your part numbers are either
EUG1220m which is 12” wide and 20’ long
PSEUG1220-4 which is 12” wide and 20’ long with pre-attached 4’ long straps, one on each end to facilitate the installation.