wellwrap 837x558

Description and applications: The Wellhead wrap is an insulated, removable, reusable and weatherproof blanket. The Wellwrap comes with straps and is an alternative to Original Insulation Snakes®. The blanket wraps around the well head and the riser. There are straps across the top where the sales line is, and there is one series of straps, which go down the height of the wrap. This allows for quick and easy installation and removal.

Sizes range from 3’ to 8’ in height, and 6’ to 32’ in circumference.

The wrap must rest on the ground once installed. The Wellwrap has straps and buckles to close all openings securely to minimize any heat loss.

How to get the correct size: In order to obtain the required height, measure the distance from the top of the highest point to the ground. In order to obtain the required width, measure the circumference around the well head. Be sure to include the pipeline riser if you would also like it insulated.

Your part number  starts with “WW”, then the height and the overall length. E.g., a well head that is 6’ from the top of the sales line to the ground, and it measures 24’ around the well head and the riser, the required part would be 6’ by 24’.Therefore, the part number would be WW624.