Econo Snake Strap 837x558

Description: We have two styles of straps and two different colors of straps. Both are one-inch straps with buckles. The two styles of straps are distinguished by the type of buckles and color of webbing. The first style utilizes a zinc coated, quick release, thumb grip, spring loaded steel buckle and blue webbing. This strap has a grip strength of over 200 lbs. and can be used for many applications.

The second type of strap utilizes a custom molded buckle, black webbing and is ideal if you need extra straps to hold your Insulation Snakes® in place.

Standard lengths start at 2 feet and go up to 10 feet. Custom lengths available upon request.

Applications: We recommend our straps to fasten any Insulation Snakes® products. If tape is used the Insulation Snakes® may be difficult to remove and can be damaged. We recommend straps in order for the Insulation products to be removable and reusable.

  • The Straps replace the use of tape, wire, string and tie-straps
  • Popular for oilfield, commercial, recreational, light industry or agricultural use as a light duty tie-down or tarp strap replacement
  • Standard stock sizes are: 2,3,4,5,6,7, 8, 9 and 10-foot lengths
  • Enhances appearance and looks professional
  • The blue strap with metal buckles starts with the part number SSB
  • The black strap with custom molded buckles starts with the part number ESB