Description and applications: The Snake Bite is designed for inline fittings. E.g., Flanges, hammer union connections, ball valves, check valves, etc.  Ideal for quick and easy valve adjustment. The Snake Bite has straps conveniently attached for ease of installment.

Installation instructions:  Lay the Snake Bite down the width of the valve, fold it around the valve and attach using the straps and buckles.  Do not overtighten the straps, as this will decrease the R-Value.

Typical applications:

  • Can be used independently or in conjunction with the Sidewinder™, or the Original Snake product
  • Compliments heat tracing
  • Temperature is good to 202°F, or 96°C

Ball Valve and Check Valve Sizing, Fitting Chart. 

Sizes 150 ANSI 300 ANSI 600 ANSI 900 ANSI 1500 ANSI
1″ SNB1203 SNB1203 SNB1203 SNB1203 SNB1204
1 1/2″ SNB1203 SNB1203 SNB1203 SNB1803 SNB1803
2″ SNB1204 SNB1204 SNB1204 SNB1805 SNB1805
3″ SNB1204 SNB1804 SNB1805 SNB1805 SNB2405
4″ SNB1805 SNB1805 SNB2405 SNB2406 SNB2406
6″ SNB1807 SNB2407 SNB2407 SNB3608 SNB3608
8″ SNB2408 SNB2409 SNB3609 SNB3609 SNB3610
10″ SNB3610 SNB3610 SNB3610 SNB3610 SNB4813
12″ SNB3611 SNB3611 SNB3612 SNB4812
14″ SNB4813 SNB4813 SNB4813 SNB4814
16″ SNB4813 SNB4813 SNB4814 SNB4814
18″ SNB4814 SNB4814 SNB4814 SNB4814
20″ SNB4815 SNB4815 SNB6018 SNB6018
24″ SNB6017 SNB6019 SNB6019 SNB6020
26″ SNB6020 SNB6020 SNB6021 SNB6022
30″ SNB7222 SNB7222 SNB7223 SNB7224
36″ SNB8425 SNB9625 SNB9626 SNB9629

Part number assistance: You will notice that there are four (4) digits to each part number. The first two numbers indicate the width of the insulation in inches. The last digits are the length of the insulation in feet. For Cobra Tan, add the prefix “CT” to the “SNB” part number. E.g. CTSNB1203