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Description and applications: The Sidewinder™ has straps permanently attached every 12” down the length of it. This makes the Sidewinder™ easy to install, remove and looks great.

Installation instructions: Lay the Sidewinder™ down the length of the pipe, wrap it around the pipe and attach using the straps and buckles. Do not overtighten the straps, as this will decrease the R-Value. Please refer to our video for further information.

Typical applications:Initially designed for low clearance applications, the Sidewinder™ is widely used to cover the lengths of pipe. Wrap the Sidewinder™ with the attached straps and fasten into place. The straps are installed every foot and are easily fastened into place using custom molded buckles.

Insulation Snakes can supply insulation packages for skid and equipment manufacturers, to go along with their product.

  • Compliments heat tracing.
  • Temperature is good to 202°F, or 96°C
  • Works great on hoses of all different sizes and pressures
  • Insulate all sizes of pipe, tubing and hose
  • Standard widths are: 6”,12”,18”,24”,36”,48”,60”,72”,84” and96”
  • Standards lengths are: 2’,3’,4’,5’,10’ and 20’
  • Purchase various combinations of widths and lengths
  • Custom sizes available

Fitting Chart

Available in Tan up to 48” Available in Black up to 96”
Outside Diameter Nominal Pipe Size -NPS Sidewinder™ Width
¼ NPS to 1” NPS 6” Wide
1-¼” NPS to 2-1/2” NPS 12” Wide
3” NPS to 3-1/2” NPS 18” Wide
4” NPS to 5” NPS 24” Wide
6” NPS to 8” NPS 36” Wide
10” NPS to 12” NPS 48” Wide
14” NPS to 16” NPS 60” Wide
18” NPS to 20” NPS 72” Wide
22” NPS to 24” NPS 84” Wide
26” NPS to 28” NPS 96” Wide

Part number assistance: You will notice that there are four (4) digits to each part number. The first two numbers indicate the width of the insulation expressed in inches, while the last digits are the length of the insulation expressed in feet. A part number like SDW1210. Since it has the  preface SDW before the numbers, we understand that it is a Sidewinder™ 12” wide and 10’ long. If we wanted it to be in the Cobra Tan, we would add a “CT” prefix to the part number, then we would have a part number of CTSDW1210.