GOStanks 837x558

Descriptions and applications: The Python is designed for large tanks. It wraps all the way around the tanks circumference, and you can insulate just the bottom, or all the way to the top.

The weight of the insulation is carried by wooden 2×4’s, which are stood up against the tank and are typically distanced every 6’ apart. The Python includes eye hooks that are screwed into the 2×4’s and also has matching snap hooks and will carry the weight of the Python. The straps wrap around the insulation, holding it tight up against the tank.  This system prevents the Python from sagging or sliding down the storage tank.

This system allows the tanks to be insulated from a 4’ height to the full height of the storage tank, or any height in between.

Depending on the size of the tank and the required height, there may be several Pythons in a kit. Instructions come with each piece in the kit.

Typical Applications:

  • Standard stock size are available for: 100, 200, 400, 500, 750and 1000-barrel tanks
  • Typical heights required per tank are 4’, 6’, and 8’ (We can provide insulation all the way to the top if required)
  • Let us know the size of your tank and the required height, and we will recommend a package for you
  • Works well with heat tracing
  • Insulation Snakes ® for the top of the tank are available upon request
  • These  part numbers start with the prefix PY, then the tank size and then height
  • E.g., PY506 is for a 500-barrel tank that has 6’ height
  • 2×4’s not included