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Description and applications: 

The Pro-Wrap has been designed to insulate propane tanks of various sizes from 20 lb to 420 lb tanks. This Insulation Snake® is designed to prevent heat-loss and to facilitate vaporization in extremely cold conditions and is an easy one-person installation.

Sizes are for 20 lb and 420 lb vertical propane tanks. Custom products available upon request.

Installation instructions:

There is an easy two-step process:

  • For larger tanks: wrap the insulation around the tank.
  • For smaller tanks: put the insulation hood over the tank, accommodating the gap in the hood to the valving and hoses.
  • Fasten all corresponding straps and buckles and tighten as needed.

Part number  Chart

20 lb tank – Part# SCB2402 or CTSCB2402
30 lb tank – Part# SCB2403 or CTSCB2403
100 lb tank – Part# SCB2406 or CTSCB2406
200 lb tank – Part# PW202 or CTPW202
420 lb tank (Pig Tank) – Part# PW422 or CTPW422