Description and Applications: 

The Pro-Wrap has been designed to insulate standard size propane tanks up to 2000-gallons. It prevents heat loss and facilitates vaporization in extremely cold conditions.  Pro-Wrap Insulation Snakes® are engineered for easy installation and removal.

There are two types of covers; the most common cover has a diamond-shaped cut-out in the middle to accommodate the fill cap. The second type does not have a cut-out and the top cover would need to be removed to have access to the fill cap. The top piece cut-out placement can be customized upon request.

The Pro-Wrap comes with an Insulation Snake Grommet Kit  to be installed on-site, to let the pressure relief valve vent outside the Pro-Wrap.

Sizes are for 500,1000, and 2000-gallon propane tanks. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Installation instructions:

Easy four-step installation process:

Wrap the bottom piece around the tank like a skirt. Be sure that the centered blue strap is at one end of the tank, and the open end at the other. Close the open end by using the attached horizontal straps.

Lay the top piece over the top, with the blue buckles facing the blue straps. The top piece overlaps the bottom piece, allowing rain and snow to easily run or fall off the top.

Fasten all corresponding straps and tighten them as needed

The Grommet Kit is a two-piece flange kit that has an inner piece and an outer piece held together with the four screws, which allows the valve to vent as designed, while still having insulation around the tank.

The part number for these tanks starts with the letters “PW” E.g., PW502 is for a 500-gallon tank, PW1002 for a 1000-gallon tank, and PW2002 for a 2000-gallon tank. You will need to choose what TOP piece you require. If you wanted to use our premium product called the Cobra Tan, add the prefix “CT” to the part number.