Commercial insulation products

Your Partner For Commercial Insulation Products

Over the past three decades Insulation Snakes has been in the leading role for pipeline insulation services and products for oilfields in the United States of America and Canada. Driven by innovation, our commercial insulation products are a great fit for oil and gas transmission processes. They are designed to be compatible and complimentary with Electric heat tracing, or as a stand-alone insulation product for commercial applications.

Highly recommended for onshore and offshore processes, commercial insulation products designed and manufactured at Insulation Snakes addresses flow issues with our insulation products. Originally designed for Oilfield insulation, these products are also used by electricians, plumbers, industrial applications, irrigation applications, and mobile and trailer businesses.


Insulation Snakes® manufactures an impressive line of Removable, Reusable and Weatherproof commercial insulation products.

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What Makes Insulation Snakes Versatile?

Industrial or commercial pipe insulation? Insulation Snakes has a solution for all. Our products offer long term solutions with up to date safety standards that help reduce downtime and prevent corrosion reduce condensation problems.    Our experience with using insulation at different temperatures and terrains help us develop products that do a great job across various geographies.

Originally designed as a low-cost alternative, our commercial insulation products are effective, reusable, removable, weatherproof and made with high-quality standards. Insulation Snakes products are not just for pipes. Our products work exceptionally well as insulation for valves, pumps, control valves, water tanks, propane tanks and other industrial equipment.