Technical Information

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Technical Information

Thickness recovery of fibreglass insulation deteriorates over time while it is compressed in a roll. That is why…

Insulation Snakes® states on our product tags a manufactured date. All rolled fibreglass insulation should be installed within 3 years of manufactured date. The tighter fibreglass is rolled the more glass fibres are broken and the more thickness recovery is reduced. We are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the fibreglass fibres.

Insulation Snakes® uses a virgin blend (NOT RECYCLED) 5 ml. polyethylene exterior sheathing giving it excellent puncture and tear resistance. We do not use thicker polyethylene so as to not damage the integrity of the fibreglass fibres.

We have insisted that our vendor add extra UV protection to the polyethylene during the manufacturing process which increases the life of our products. This allows Insulation Snakes® to be exposed to weather for extended periods of time. Insulation Snakes® strives to reduce this type of damage by rolling our products just tight enough to be packaged and shipped.

The polyethylene sheathing will soften when temperatures exceed 202°F (96°C). Our insulation products remain flexible and functional at very cold temperatures.
Insulation Snakes® ships products in blue polyethylene bags which also have extra UV protection added during the manufacturing process, allowing for temporary outside storage. All of these bags have our brand name clearly marked, so as to avoid confusion with any imitators.

Our straps utilize a zinc coated, quick release, thumb grip, steel buckle which allows for quick and easy removal and installation even in cold or wet and dirty conditions.

Insulation Snakes® stands behind all of our products. All products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.

Technical Documents

For your safety and convenience, we've provided documents for downloading for all technical data regarding our products and the material used to manufacture them.

Black Poly MSDS.pdf
poly sheet.pdf
uv and k factor specs.pdf
spec sheet requirements.pdf
Canadian MBI Spec Sheet.pdf

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