Standards And Codes

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Standards And Codes



Applicable Code

Fire Resistance Classification

Max Flame Spread index of 25
Max Smoke Spread index of 50

UL-723 ASTM E84 NFPA 255
Can/ULC S102-M88
Non-Combustible according to ASTM 136

Water Vapor Absorption

No greater than 5% per weight

Code:  ASTM 1104

Fungi Resistance

Pass Test

Code:  ASTM 1338C

Insect Resistance

100% mortality Rate



Meets requirements for Steel,
Copper and Aluminum

Code:  ASTM C665

Flash Point

600F / or 300C


Melting Point of Polyurethane 

202F or 96C


Extinguishing Method

Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide or water


Hazardous Combustion

Oxides of Nitrogen and Carbon



Specific Gravity of Insulation




3-1/2 product 0.04196 W/m2C
4”  Product      0.041101 W/m2C


RSI Value

3-1/2 Product =  2.11
4”  Product    =     2.47 


What is the heat rating of Insulation Snakes®?

Insulation Snakes® can withstand temperatures up to 202 degrees Fahrenheit or 96 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the polyethylene sheathing will begin to soften. Higher temperatures will cause it to melt away from the heat source. There is a Data sheet available on the website.

Can I cut the snake to the length that I require?

It would be best not to because our special seal helps keep moisture and rodents out. Our product has a unique design feature that allows internal air flow, while restricting moisture. Cutting and re-sealing voids this feature.

Can I use a steamer on Insulation Snakes®?

Do not direct the steam jet directly at the Insulation Snake® as it will quickly cut a hole through the polyethylene sheathing, wetting the interior fibreglass rendering it useless as insulation. A popular choice is to use the Insulation Snakes® Sidewinders which can be quickly opened up to access any spot along the pipe without the inconvenience of unwrapping spiral wrapped snakes.

Can I use Insulation Snakes® for underground insulating?

Yes, our #EUG1220 product (Econo Underground Insulation Snake®) and our #PSEUG1220 (Pro Snake Econo Underground Insulation Snake®) product are specifically designed for underground installation. They are meant to be spirally wrapped around the pipe and hold up to gentle burial after installation.

What should I use to fasten the snake on the piping or equipment?

SNAKE STRAPS are highly recommended and are available separately from Insulation Snakes®. Snake Straps allow for quick and easy installation and removal without damage to the Insulation Snake®.

Can you make a Insulation Snake® to fit my application?

Yes. Fax or e-mail a diagram with measurements and we will custom build to suit your particular requirements.