Sweet Heat Systems

Designed to prevent freezing of the wellhead, when used in conjunction with Insulation Snakes®.

Sweet Heat System® circulates hot ethylene glycol through 3/4" braided steam hose using a free heat source.

  • Eliminates high propane consumption by allowing for use of free casing gas year round.
  • Eliminates freeze-ups of wellhead, casing gas and surface equipment (e.g. production lines and tanks).
  • Eliminates downtime and steaming costs due to freeze-ups.
  • Reduces liquid build-up in the fuel gas scrubber.
  • Reduces wax buildups in the wellhead surface flowline, enhancing gas and oil production.
  • Eliminates the need to bury a surface flowline (a typical Sweet Heat System® installation would cost less than burying the surface flow line, plus you have all the other added benefits) when used in conjunction with the Insulation Snakes®.
  • High temp shutdown is included to protect your engine and your Sweet Heat System® (comes standard with each kit).
Sweet Heat Systems® are available for any type of wellhead as long as there is a pulley turning or a power source nearby.

A Sweet Heat System® may be used to enhance the engine's cooling capability by removing the insulation on the 3/4" steam hose on hot summer days.

Each Sweet Heat System® comes complete with all fittings and instructions required to install, and with 120ft. of 3/4" steam hose. Routed from engine to wellhead to engine (based on an average wellhead installation).

Water cooled engines only. (free heat feature)



A Sweet Heat System® will save on Operational Expense:

Propane Fuel Consumption / Downtime chart
  • Arrow Engine Fuel consumption:
    • Approximately 9000 BTU/HP /Hr for "C" Series Arrow engines (46, 66, 96, 106)
    • 101,050 BTU / gallon of propane or 22, 228 BTU/liter of propane
    • E.g. C-66 Engine rated 14 HP and utilizing 8 of the HP to drive the pumpjack
    • 9000BTU x 8 HP x 24 hrs x 31 days = 2410 liters / month
    • 22,228 BTU/ liter
    • 2410 liters X Price of Propane = Cost per month
  • Downtime Production Loss:
    • Maintenance costs (e.g. Steamer + Crew) + Lost Production = Downtime @ Company Expense for frozen wellhead
    • 1 day's downtime X (# of down days) = Seasonal loss of revenue.
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