Stake Safe

  • This product is good for
                                               Tent Stakes
                                                   Snow Fence posts

  • It is an innovative Safety oriented product that covers the top of the metal stakes.  It is designed to prevent accidental damage to people and animals by taking the rough edges of a the top of the post.  It mitigates exposure to individuals who come into accidental contact with exposed stakes.  
  • Stake-Safe has a smooth rounded top, that fits very easily on exposed stakes.  It also adds to the beauty and safety to the landscaping. 
  • It is simple and unique  in its design  

  • It is very quick and easy to install.  No tools are required for installation.  
  • It is sold in pack of 10

Stake-Safe is a reusable and durable re-bar cap which will fit tightly over most standard size RE-BAR- T- POST- Smaller U-POST, CONCRETE POSTS and TENT STAKES. The cap is comprised of durable plastic which covers sharpened or protruding points in order to reduce the risk of impalement and injury. Stake-Safe can be used to cap re-bar during concrete pours, cover exposed grade-stakes during site work and earth moving operations, and can even serve to protect workers from exposed plumbing lines during active construction.



Stake-Safe will save on damage to people and animals by increasing the visibility of the top of the exposed stakes.  

It comes in bright Safety Orange. 

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