• Removable, reusable and weatherproof insulation.
  • Fibreglass insulation with an R-12 value, sheathed in 5 mil polyethylene with extra U.V. protection.
  • Available in two different styles.
  • Designed to insulate Presco/Arugus switches, risers, gate valves, gauges, tanks, barrels, and other upright items.
  • Easily and quickly installed or removed.
  • Built with the straps attached to the Hood for easy installation or removal.
  • Stock sizes are available from 4 ft to 12 ft circumference and 1 ft to 7 ft in height.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Removable, reusable and weatherproof insulation with straps attached for insulating storage tanks.
  • Instructions are provided with each Python sold.
  • Standard stock sizes are available for 100, 400, 500, 750 and 1000 bbl storage tanks.
  • Insulation Snakes® Grommet works very well with this product.
  • Custom tank tops are available upon request.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Pythons are ordered individually. Some Python models are shipped in 2 separate bags.
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