Product Specifications

We sell wholesale insulation products to distributors who retail them in the Oilfield industry,  Commercial industry, and the Residential and RV industries. 




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Q & A What is an Insulation Snake? It is a very unique product that has been on the Canadian market for around 20 years. It was originally designed as a low cost alternative to expensive insulation applications. It does that and more. They were designed to wind around the pipe, and because they are long and narrow, , they resemble a snake, and thus it got it’s unique name “Insulation Snake”.

Q & A What is it made out of? It is made out of a specific environmentally friendly Fiberglass batting encased in a UV treated Polyethylene vapor barrier.

Q & A What does the “Insulation Snake” do? Insulation, first and foremost, is meant to restrict the movement of heat or… in other words, keep the heat in or out. The R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. In theory, the higher the R-value, the greater that resistance. The majority of our product has a certifiable R-12 rating, but we also have some product with a certifiable R-14 rating.

Q & A How do you apply the product? There are two main ways to attach our product: By wrapping or by strapping. You can wrap the Insulation Snake around and around something like a pipe, vessel, tank, valve and so on, or you can strap it on with the attached strapping, something like a hot dog bun around a hot dog, except the bun has straps.

Q & A What level of quality can we expect? We have three levels of product: the “OK”, the “better” and the “best”.

1. Our Econoproduct (R9-10) with 3ml UV treated Polyethylene -We have a VERY limited product line for this.

2. Our World famous Original Insulation Snake (Certifiable R-12) with 5 ml. UV treated Polyethylene. A majority of our product is in this line. We go from 6” wide to over 96” wide, and almost any length up to 40 feet. It comes with no straps, or with many straps, depending on the application. 3. Our best product, or “Super Snake” that has a certifiable R-14 rating with a 5ml UV Treated, Rodent Retardant, High Puncture resistance , and a Trademark color which we call Cobra Tan, (which we think that it is not as attractive to Corvus family of birds such as the Crows and Ravens because its not black like most Garbage bags.)

Q & A Who uses the Product? What kind of applications? Originally designed for the Oilfield, it is used by Electricians, Plumbers, Insulators in Industrial applications, Irrigation applications, Trailers which deal with water type products such as agriculture- pumps, and Residential applications such as RV and Pre-Fabricated homes. Anywhere where there is a need for Re-Movable, Re-Usable and Weatherproof Insulation, think Insulation Snakes.

Q & A Can I cut my insulation Costs down by using Insulation Snakes? YES!!. One company is claiming that by using the Insulation Snake system, they have cut cost by over 50-60%, because of easy accessibility to what is being insulated, because it the installation of the product does not demand highly skilled workers, and because of the cost of the finished product. Every case is different.

Q & A Where can I purchase Insulation Snake product? Our web page has a listing of most of our distributors all across North America. We only whole sale through our distributors. If you would like to represent our product, please contact the Insulation Snakes sales manager, who would be happy to discuss this amazing product.

More Questions? Some answers may be found at the end of our catalogue. Technical information such as codes, sizing, composition, temperature ranges and many other details are available at end of our catalogue.
To learn more about wholesale and retail pricing and how to order these products, please contact our order desk to setup a distributor account.


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