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Insulation Snakes Ltd. is a division of Gazelle's Group of Companies Inc. , established in 1985, based out of Breton, Alberta.

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We sell wholesale insulation products to distributors who retail them in the Oilfield industry,  Commercial industry, and the Residential and RV industries.

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We have over 400 distributors who retail our products in Canada and the USA.

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Definition: An Insulation Snake is a very unique product that has been on the Canadian market for around 20 years. It was originally designed as a low cost alternative to expensive insulation applications. It does that and more. They were designed to wind around the pipe, and because they are long and narrow, , they resemble a snake, and thus it got it’s unique name “Insulation Snake”.

Composition: It is made out of a specific environmentally friendly Fiberglass batting encased in a UV treated Polyethylene vapor barrier.

Purchase Information: Our web page has a listing of most of our distributors all across North America. We only whole sale through our distributors. If you would like to represent our product, please contact the Insulation Snakes sales manager, who would be happy to discuss this amazing product


Attaching the Insulation: There are two main ways to attach our product:

By wrapping or by strapping. You can wrap the Insulation Snake around and around something like a pipe, vessel, tank, valve and so on, or you can strap it on with the attached strapping, something like a hot dog bun around a hot dog, except the bun has straps.

What Industries Benefit:
Originally designed for the Oilfield, it is used by Electricians, Plumbers, Insulators in Industrial applications, Irrigation applications, Trailers which deal with water type products such as agriculture- pumps, and Residential applications such as RV and Pre-fabricated homes. Anywhere where there is a need for Re-Movable, Re-Usable and Weatherproof Insulation, think Insulation Snakes.

Energy Cost Savings: One company is claiming that by using the Insulation Snake system, they have cut cost by over 50-60%, because of
  • easy accessibility to what is being insulated, because it the installation of the
  • product does not demand highly skilled workers,
  • Easy removal of the insulation when required, and
  • then re-using it and the
  • cost of the finished product. Every case is different.

Add On Products:
  • Buckles and straps
  • Hooks and Eyelets
  • Bird  puncture proofing (15 mil wrapping)

Quality Level: We have two levels of product: ”, the “better” and the “best”.

1.   BETTER  or Standard Product- Our World famous Original Insulation Snake (Certifiable R-12) with 5 ml. UV treated Polyethylene. A majority of our product is in this line. We go from 6” wide to over 96” wide, and almost any length up to 40 feet. It comes with no straps, or with many straps, depending on the application.

2.. BEST - Our “Super Snake” that has a certifiable R-14 rating with a 5ml UV Treated, Rodent Retardant, High Puncture resistance , and a Trademark color which we call Cobra Tan, (which we think that it is not as attractive to Corvus family of birds such as the Crows and Ravens because its not black like most Garbage bags.)

Technical Information: Technical information such as codes, sizing, composition, temperature ranges and many other details are available at end of this catalogue.
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General Information: Our products are building code standard, environmentally certified, fire resistant, UV Protection and high R-Value and meet industry required specifications.

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Product Information: Our customers typically have lots of questions about the specifics of our products.  To learn more check out our product information page.

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How to find our Canadian  Offices

In Canada: our physical address is: 
48421A RR42A

How to get here:  We are one mile west of Alsike, and then about a mile South on Range Rd. 42 - also known as Funnel Road.   LSD NW  26-48-4-W5.  Alsike is the intersection of Highway 39 (East/West) and Highway 20 (North/South)  
Directions: Go to the next road West of Alsike on Highway 39 , and turn South on the first Road  (Rg. Rd 42) .  Drive about 1.6 km, and We are on the East side.  

To learn more about wholesale and retail pricing and how to order these products, please contact our order desk or the sales Manager, Tim Burns 780 202 0490